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First Instinct Cologne By ABERCROMBIE & FITCH FOR MEN 3.4oz



First Instinct perfumer, Phillippe Romano, said: “I wanted to create a modern fragrance that balances both the fresh elements of fougère with oriental warmth. All the notes together, create a scent with worldwide appeal for a confident man who is not afraid to express his feelings.” A gin and tonic accord is at the top of this cologne along with kiwano melon. The heart has sichuan pepper, citrusy notes and violet leaf. The scents that finish this fragrance include suede musk and amber. Main Accords: Ozonic, Aquatic, Musky, Aromatic, Warm Spicy Style: Day Use, Summer Weather, Fun, New, Confident, Flirty, Fresh Rating: 4.01 out of 5 with 729 votes